Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is buying online safe?
A: The website uses secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology to secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site.

Q: What is a “Max Bid”?
A: A “Max Bid” is the highest amount you would be willing to pay to win the item.  Our system will automatically bid for you up to the amount you entered as necessary to win the auction.  It will only bid you to the next necessary amount (based on bid increment) so that you will not overpay for the item.  Example: A $1,000 item has a current bid of $300 with a $25 bid increment.  If you bid $400, you would be leading the auction with a bid of $325.  If someone else bid $350 after that, the site would automatically bid you to $375 on so forth until your maximum bid was reached.  If another bidder exceeds your Max Bid, you would need to bid again (if wanted) to re-take the highest bid.
Q: What about my e-mail confirmation?
A: You will get confirmation emails whenever you place a winning bid, your bid was outbid, or when you win an auction. Winning bidders will also receive a receipt with pick-up instructions after they have paid for their items. If you do not get any emails from us, please check that they were not blocked by your spam filter.
Q: What happens if I don't claim the items I've won?
A: You'll have three days to submit payment for items you've won in an auction. After that point, those items will be offered to other auction bidders.

Q: Can I cancel my bid?
A: All bids are non-retractable, so bid carefully: be sure the maximum bid you place is a price you're willing to pay per item you bid on.

Q: Why didn't I win all the items I bid on?
A: Auctions are setup as dutch auctions, which means you're allowed to bid on more than one. However, this may mean that another bidder might outbid you for some of your items. This can reduce the number of items you've won. Don't worry, though, you only have to pay for the items you actually win!
Q: How do I receive the items I won?
A: After you make payment for the items you've won, you will receive a receipt with instructions on how and where to pick up your winnings. You'll need to bring that receipt along, since it's proof that you have the right to pick up your items!
Q: What is a "2nd Chance Auction Winner"?
A: Once in a while a winning bidder doesn't claim the items he or she has won. The bidders with the next-highest bids will then be offered the chance to claim those items at their maximum bid price per item for up to the total number of items for which they originally bid. As a "2nd Chance Winner", if you decide you want to purchase the items you've won, you will then have two days to make payment.
Q: What if it appears I have been double charged for my order?
A: If you had a declined attempt to pay for your items it may have resulted in a pre-authorized charge (for each time your card was declined) that will appear on your credit card balance temporarily. This charge will not be authorized and will not be deducted from your account balance.

Q: Will there be sales tax on the items?
A: Certain items and certain states require that you pay sales tax. If you are a resident of the same state as the station, any applicable state sales tax will be applied at the time of purchase. If you are an out-of-state resident, you are responsible for reporting and paying any applicable sales tax or use tax to your home state.